Frequently asked questions

How do i make an appointment?
Am i able to claim from my health fund?

Please ring the rooms at Norwood or Adelaide to schedule an appointment. Kathy and Belinda share their time between the two clinics.

Initial appointments are 30 minutes long.

Yes, we can swipe your private health insurance card at the front desk after your consult. To receive a rebate your insurance must include Extras cover for Occupational Therapy.

The amount of rebate differs between health funds and your level of Extras cover. To find out the amount that you would be rebated, please contact your private health insurance provider. Some funds will not rebate custom-made orthoses.

What is Occupational Therapy?

Occupational Therapy is a bachelor or under-graduate degree studied at University, similar to Physiotherapy. It is the study of rehabilitation using activity, and can be applied in a variety of different settings such as paediatrics, hospitals, mental health, aged care and hand therapy.

Occupational Therapists are trained in splint making and hand / upper limb injury rehabilitation

What is hand therapy?

Hand therapy is the rehabilitation of an injury to the upper limb, including fingers, hand, wrist, elbows and shoulders. It is practiced by either an Occupational Therapist or a Physiotherapist; and includes management of both conservative or post-operative concerns.

Orthoses (also known as splints) are specially made thermoplastic guards for the hand, wrist or elbow. They are custom-made in your consult to fit your arm by melting the plastic and moulding around your arm. If you have any questions about your splint please call us.

Do i need a referral?
Do you accept third party claims / discounts?

You do not need a referral to been seen at Adelaide Hand Therapy as a private patient. If you have been referred by your GP or another therapist, a referral is always appreciated as they will be able to provide some background about your problem.

People who have their claim managed by Return to Work SA or a third party / insurance company, require a referral prior to the initial visit. The consult cost will otherwise need to be covered privately.

Yes we do accept claims through Return to Work SA or third party claims such as motor vehicle accidents. You will require a referral from a doctor or surgeon for your consult to be invoiced to the insurance company.

We also accept Enhanced Primary Care (EPC) plans, which are allocated by general practitioners. They must be written for “Occupational Therapy”. There is a small gap payment for the consults. Consumables are not included.


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